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AwaleThis site features the downloadale Awale Version 3.4 software program, which allows play over the Internet or on your PC or Mac offline.
African Games information/linksA collection of Oware links and information collated by Edward Brisse.
Congklak:A Traditional of Indonesia This site features Congklak a variant of Oware played in Indonesia
LudoTekaThis web based playing site features many games including Oware.
International Warri SocietyThis site features information on Oware
Owari Bead GameThe Owari Bead game site features a downloadable version of Owari that can be played on a Palm Pilot. Also features links to other sites with information on Oware.
Awale Tournament Points PageThis site features a list of players who play Awale/Oware online. It also ranks them dependant on their ability.
Layli GoobalayThis site features Layli Goobalay a variant of Oware played in Somalia. You can download a computer program that plays this variant from this site.
AweleThis Interjeux.net site allows you to play Awele (Oware-Abapa version) on the net
MancalaThis site features the ability play Mancala aganist the computer online. It 3 levels of difficulty. Mancala is traditionally played in the Arab speaking part of the World.
KalahThis site written by Klaas Bonnema based in the Netherlands features four versions of Oware with the unregistered version. With Registration one has access to many more variants. It also features different levels of strength plus many more.
Xavier Blanvillain's Mancala Wiki SiteThis site Features one of the strongest European player Xavier Blanvillain from France. Has some interesting video footage of his games with other top Oware players.
Oware CanadaThe website of the Oware Canada organisation
KibaoWebsite for Bao players
MankalaOware promotional site based in Poland.
Toguzkumalak Federation of KazakhstanGovernment backed organisation that promotes and organises tournaments of Toguzkumalak in Kazakhstan.

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