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Red Pencil Portable OwareHandcrafted Oware board made from Osese wood. Finnished red wood stain with an Adinkra symbol motif. Dimensions: 42cm by 13cm(open)
Type of wood : Osese
Classical Portable OwarePortable Oware, handcrafted from Osese wood and finnished with brown wood stain. Dimensions:length 46cm by 15cm(open).
Type of wood : Osese
Stool Oware (Medium)Oware board with end store houses for captured seeds. In-built receptable for storage of seeds when game is not in use. Finnished with brown wood stain. Dimensions: length 57cm width 17cm height 16cm
Type of wood : Osese
Oval OwareOware board in the shape of an oval. With handle for carrying. Finnished of in brown stain. Dimensions: length 50cm by width 30cm. This item is unavailable for now.
Type of wood : Osese
Premium Pencil OwareSmall portable Oware hand crafted from Ebony wood. Dimensions: length 42cm by width 13cm (open).
Type of wood : Ebony
White Pencil OwareHandcrafted Oware board made from Osese wood. Finnshed with sanding sealer and varnished Dimensions: Length 42cm by width 13cm(open)
Type of wood : Osese
Premium Warri BoardsPremium Warri (Oware) boards made from Cherry tree wood for the Swiss Museum of Games. Closes for portability Dimensions Open: Length 700mm, Width 170mm and Depth 27mm Pit dimensions: Diameter 70mm and Depth 17mm Dimensions Closed: Length 350mm, Width 170mm and Depth 54mm. Will make an excellent executive or diplomatic gift.
Type of wood : Cherry Wood

Carrying Satchel
Portable Oware carrying SatchelCarrying Satchel with sling handle to carry board over one shoulder. Made from material usually replica Kente (Spintex).
Leather Portable Oware carrying SatchelCarrying satchels made from leather.

Set of seeds50 seeds make a set. These are grey and green in colour. Only order if you require an extra set or sets of seeds as each board comes with a set of seeds.

Rules for playing Oware (Abapa version)This manual contains the basic rules of the abapa version (used for tournaments). Basic strategy is mentioned.
Author : Koffi Tall
number of pages : 19
Oware (Nam-Nam) A Ghanian NationalThis manual contains the rule of how to play the Nam-Nam version of Oware originally played by children.
Author : Angela Christian
number of pages : 16
How to play WarriThe most advance book on Oware for strategy. Heavy on diagrams and examples of set plays.
Author : David B. Chamberlain
number of pages : 48
Ayo (A popular Yoruba game)Contains the rules of Oware played by the Yorubas' of Nigeria. Featuring the Ayoayo, Ayo J'odu and Jerin-Jerin versions.
Author : Chief A. O.Odeleye
number of pages : 54

Oware Polo shirtsAvailable in white only with OWS logo on left breast.
Oware International T-ShirtsAvailable in cream only with International Oware Championship printed on front centre.

Awele (Software version)This software package features brilliant graphics and has more than 10 diferent versions of Oware that can be playeed at varying degrees of difficulty. It also has the facility to play over the internet.
Author : Oliver & Didier Guillion

The Oware Society CoasterA set of 4 coasters made from MDF wood, with The Oware Society logo and name engraved onto the surface.
KeyringAcrylic key ring with The Oware Society logo engraved on it.

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