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Events for this month and the future
Online PlayOK Oware TournamentThe next edition of our Online PlayOk Oware Tournament, created by monkftw has been scheduled to start at 14.30 GMT on Saturday 1st August 2020. A 7 round Swiss System will be used to manage the tournament. Each player has 7 mins + 2s to complete their game.

The time chosen is to enable players in all geographical locations to participate. If you wish to participate you can register from 14:15, 15 minutes to the scheduled starting time of 14:30. Please note once registered if you leave the tournament room you will have to re-enter to be registered for the tournament.

Also note for such a 7 round tournament if enough players sign up, to allocate about 2 hours for the tournament. For those who want to just observe, just answer no when prompted if you want to be included in the tournament.
https://www.playok.com/en/oware/#t1st August 2020
MSO International Oware TournamentThe 19th Oware Olympiad Championship, part of the 24th Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) roster of championships, which will this year all take place online on Thursday 20th August from 19:30 GMT. The Oware Olympiad Championship will take place on the PlayOK platform, which can be accessed via this link: https://www.playok.com/

Registration for the tournament is a three step process. If you have not already done so register an account as yourself or as a guest on the PlayOk platform This can be done via this link: https://www.playok.com/en/login.phtml

Next register with Mind Sports Olympiad via this link: https://msoworld.com/mso-is-open-for-registrations/making sure to give your PlayOK username.

Finally registration on the PlayOK platform for the tournament will take place on the day of the tournament from 19:15 Please be aware once registered if you leave the tournament room you will have to register again. Also be aware that if you inadvertently select no when prompted to be included in the tournament, you will not be able to participate in the tournament, but will be able to observe.

Registration is free and medals will be awarded to both juniors and adult.

If you have any question please feel free to post them here or you can email them to admin@oware.org
https://www.playok.com/en/oware/#t20th August 2020

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