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Glenda Trew155United Kingdom
Seth Bonti-Asamoah245United Kingdom
Akash Shah345United Kingdom
Dario de Toffoli445Italy
Paul Smith53.55United Kingdom
Dong-Han Oh635Korea
Gahyun Lee635South Korea
Ho-Young Won635South Korea
Jae-Hyun Lee635South Korea
Jihyun Lee635Korea
Juyeon Son635Korea
Marc Tastet635France
David Pearce132.55United Kingdom
Jun-U Choi132.55Korea
William Taylor132.55England
Hyo-Mook Choi1625South Korea
Jae-Yun Lee1625United Nations
Naarah Bonti-Asamoah1625England
Seo-Yun Lee1625South Korea
Tanya Ironmonger1625England
Yi-Hyeon Kim1625South Korea
Hyunmin Kim2215South Korea
Jungyun Bong2215South Korea
Nathan Bonti-Asamoah2215England
Seo-In Kim2215South Korea
Seo-Jong Kim2605United Nations

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