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Welcome to The Oware Society, the first organized body to promote and organize International Oware Tournaments worldwide. With a worldwide membership of players and enthusiasts of all abilities. We have something to offer everyone, from beginner to Grandmaster or for those just seeking information. In addition to organizing tournaments (nationally and internationally) the OWS supports and promotes Oware activities worldwide. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, 'Oware News' for members.

Oware Fund: You can support worldwide Oware activities by making a contribution to the fund and receive recognition in 'Oware News'. Click here for information about the Oware fund.

Mwalimu Express The Oware Society bringing probably the World's Oldest Game to Contemporary Society. Want to learn how to play an Ancient African Mathematical Board Game, develop your mental agility, sharpen your strategic thinking or just want to have fun and be entertained. Just come along to Mwalimu Express, Sunday 16th of September 2018 from 14:00 - 17:00. This months destination is yet to be announced

Subsequent sessions will take place on the third Sunday of every month, the next being in October 2018 at the same venue and same times. Just look out on this site or our Facebook page for future dates. You can also join our Facebook Google+ groups for regular updates via e-mail. Just send us an e-mail if you will like to do so.

Sowing Oware Tournament CCCLXXIV This weeks Online Sowing Oware Tournament the 374th edition will take place on Wednesday the 15th August 2018 from 22:00. For this tournament there is no qualifying phase. Players go straight into the final phase. Each round lasts 8 minutes in duration. The top 4 positioned players usually get free LudoTeka subscriptions of varying lengths.

In order to participate you have to be registered with LudoTeka which takes a few minutes to do. Then you have to register for the next edition of the Tournament. You can set your preferences so that whenever there is a tournament you will be entered and notified.

Please note we are not hosting this tournament merely publishing it.

For past Tournament results visit http://www.ludoteka.com/tournaments?tn=19
Warri & Mancala at the Harlem YMCA Come and learn to play the oldest game in the world. this is an all age fun activity. If you can count from one to fifty then you are eligible to play. As valuable as chess but easy as checkers to learn and a great teaching tool for decision making.

YMCA membership is not required for participation. This event takes place on the 1st Saturday of every month.

For more information contact: Oba Cullins @ 917-405-7475 or warri@warri.org
Warri International Tournament  This the 12th Warri International Tournament is being organised under the auspices of The International Association of Warri Players (IAWP).

The tournament is open to two categories of players: Beginners, Seniors and Masters.

Rules of games (Warri)

The games are played according to the rules adopted by the IAWP (International Association of Warri Players) * Matches are played according to the « Best of 3 games *» system The player who wins 2 games is the winner of the match In case of a draw after 3 games, the scores of all games will be taken into account

Registration fees: Beginners: Sfr 10.- Seniors-Masters: Sfr 100.-

Members of the International Association of Warri Players (IAWP) benefit of a 20% discount price.

1st round (groups – round robin) Players are sorted in 2 groups (A and B) and play a «round robin» The first 4 players of each group are qualified for the final phase.

2nd round (1/4 finals) Quarter-finals are organized according to the ranking in the groups: Winners of these four games are qualified for semi-finals. They win 50 francs (*)

3rd round (1/2 finals) The two winners of semi-finals are qualified for the final. They win 100 francs (*)

Final Winner of the final wins 300 francs (*)

For more Information contact: Jean Retschitzki at jean_retschitzki@unifr.ch
World Nomad Games Oware Championship  This event the 3rd in the series takes place from the 2nd to 8th of September in the Cholpon-Ata, issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan.

The World Nomad Games (WNG)are the biggest international project held in the Kyrgyz Republic, a project initiated by the government in 2012 for the revival and preservation of the culture of nomadic civilization.

The World Nomad Games are aimed at developing the ethnosport and ethnoculture movement in the world, as this is the heritage of human civilization.

The mission of the World Nomad Games covers the revival, development and preservation of the ethnoculture, diversity and originality of the people of the world in order to foster a more tolerant and open relationship between people. The slogan of the Third World Nomad Games is “United in Strength! United in Spirit!”.

The opening ceremony of the Third World Nomad Games is scheduled for 2nd September, 2018 at 20;00 at the Hippodrome in Cholpon-Ata City.

This years WNG will feature an Oware competition of seven rounds, with each round being played on a separate day starting from Sunday 2nd September 2018 to Saturday 8th September 2018.

The draw for the competition will be between 09:40 - 10;00 and first round will be played between 15:00 - 15:40 before the official opening ceremony which is scheduled to start at 20:00 on the 2nd of September 2018. The schedule for each days games is itemised above. One round of each competition will be played each day.

3,000 athletes from 77 countries are expected to participate in competitions in 37 types of ethnosports.

For those who wish to participate, internal transport within Kyrgyzstan, accommodation, food is provided, limited to twelve players from each country. You will have to fund your return flight to Kyrgyzstan. For more information the games visit http://worldnomadgames.com/en/
Cannes International Game Festival 2008

The Oware Society
Mailing Address: OWS, 6 Kiloh Court, Meyrick Road, London, SW11 2EE.
Email: admin@oware.org

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